Don’t forget that scrip cards are available at our school. Gas cards, home improvement cards, outdoor/sports cards and restaurant cards are all available.

You can earn tuition credits for your child simply by purchasing SCRIP cards for the places you normally shop. You buy the card at face value ($5, $10, $50, $100). A percentage of that amount will be profit which is split between SSPP operating costs and credit to tuition. We have cards on hand for most of the local business or you can order cards from hundreds of retailers throughout the country. Consider an emergency gas card in your wallet, fast food cards for your teenagers, Christmas gifts for friends and family. New scrip cards available for purchase are Macy’s, Finish Line, Taco Bell, and Arby’s.

If you are not registered to order cards through Presto Pay, your order with a check may be sent to the school office; we will fill your request and send it home with your son or daughter.

Advantages of

  1. SHOP on-line at all your favorite stores.
  2. Purchase gift cards for family and friends and send them via email.
  3. Run reports to see what you have purchased, spent or still have unclaimed.
  4. Option of printing gift card.
  5. Re-print lost gift cards.
  6. View family account history.
  7. Have family and friends sign-up too.


To contact the SCRIP sales manager, email: